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Zellenach Speaks

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Zellenach Speaks

On September 10th a historic moment happened.

This powerful speech by DT Zellanach Djab Mara was given and has been captured to preserve this history in the making. Djab Wurrung Women, Zellenach himself and countless allies have been protecting sacred birthing trees for over 15 months from the commencement of a ‘project’ that seeks to desecrate sacred country.

Thousands gathering, countless numbers attending camp and inundations of correspondence by phone, email and social media are falling on deaf ears.

This is an opportunity to listen. To understand.

Whether you understand or whether you don’t, there is something you will take away from this incredibly moving speech. It is time we stand together, as one people, and we can not do that until we learn to listen and embody the words ‘acknowledge’ and ‘respect’ which are now so frequently thrown around.

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