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Worker & Parasite | Realpolitik


Worker & Parasite | Realpolitik

“Prepare to enter the alt center of the universe…”


If it were pre-2020, you’d be forgiven for thinking Worker & Parasite and all of their associated communications are a clever strategy by an independent band. However, it’s post-2020 and in light of recent world events the dialogue represented across the spectrum of digital communications by… as they put it, the party are… well… nothing short of accurate.

“Deflection to perfection
On to the next question”


We learn from the additional details of the videos that the creators are [REDACTED] and that this video was produced under quarantine over August/September 2020, as per directive #D45896. Even their upcoming performance details are subject to pending health and security clearances. Yep. Accurate.

“Diatribe the best distraction
Words confuse the interaction”

Simultaneously pointing out and using the tactics of the controlling forces across the news-consuming world today. With every lyrical line Worker & Parasite dissect and interject, and the message is made even clearer with their deliberate visual language, blocked-out glasses and bold text statements.

KNOW ONLY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD appears on the screen

Now we can be sure that themes of double-speak and mind-control have been artfully unpacked, and the whole video gives an Orwellian, Brave New-They Live kind of vibe.

“Doesn’t that feel better
A lovely cashmere sweater
Only $18.40 from your local discount store”

As someone who often misses obvious sarcasm, even this one is not lost on me and is one of the many reasons why I think Worker & Parasite must be shared widely and celebrated. This is bold new music coming right out of the heart of one of the locations in the world where the over-arching force of governance has been severely felt.

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