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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 7th of November 2021

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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 7th of November 2021

Last week the Elemental Chat testing on the Holo hosting infrastructure had over 450 people using it. The underlying Holochain technology is working great at scale. Particularly, now that the gossip function is working so well.

After a few enhancements are made and a few bugs are fixed, people who put their names down to test the Alpha version of Elemental Chat will be contacted to start testing. This will be the first time a hApp (Holochain App) will have thousands of people using it.

We’re on the edge of a significant milestone. Elemental Chat was chosen to be the first hApp to run on the Holo hosting network because if messages in a messaging app work as required, so will any other data. With this in mind, the next round of hApps, including TestFuel (the alpha version of HoloFuel), will have all the hardest work already done.

Testing of Flux is underway

The pack of community developed hApps that can now be tested by the public continues to expand. Testing of the Holochain powered Flux is now underway. Early experimental Linux and Mac versions are available for testing here. A Windows version will follow soon.

You can also join the Flux Discord for more details.

Looking for White Paper writers

Are you both a technical and academic person? Fancy yourself a techademic? If so, the Holochain team would love to speak to you.

Arthur Brock (Holochain Co-Founder) dropped the following Tweet during the week to look for the right kind of people to work on the growing list of White Papers to be written. If you’ve got these skills and have been wondering how to contribute to arguably the most important software project since WWW became a reality, then this is your lucky day. And ours…

New Holochain in Action Video

The most recent Holochain in Action video was released during the week. Although some of the videos in the series have demos that are good for non-technical people, this isn’t one of those. This one is totally developer-focused. So if you’re developing or thinking about developing a hApp then this is highly recommended watching.

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