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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 5th of September 2021

Purple and green trippy visual. Image by Fakurian Design on Unsplash


This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 5th of September 2021

Over 250 Holoports have registered and are on the Holo hosting network. Several hundred more have begun the process. From previous communication, this number is more than enough to host the network at Beta launch. That being said, there are more Holoports due for delivery in December to add even more capacity.

If you are one of the early bird Holoport owners and haven’t registered your Holoport onto the network, you can do so on the Holo hosting forum. If you’d like to get your own Holoport future batches will be available after Beta launch and you can get on the waiting list to make sure you’re next in line.

Holochain is an ideal Framework for NFTs

You might have wondered what all the fuss about NFTs is?

Current blockchain NFTs are a way of proving ownership of a digital piece of art. They are very limited in their functionality and have been likened to bragging rights, rather than having any real function.

Holochain changes all of that. NFTs on Holochain are going to change the future of ownership.

Not only can you prove the ownership of digital files like images, audio and video. You can literally embed that ownership information into the media itself. This could even lead to DRM (Digital Right Management) type functionality where as the owner of the media, you could choose that it only plays or people can view it for a price. Or if you’re more like me, and like sharing your work as far as wide as you can, you could embed a pay what you feel option into your work.

Holochain NFTs are going to revolutionise physical asset ownership as well. If you’re a painter you could embed a picture of you painting the painting and embed that in NFT to help prove ownership of the physical painting. The possibilities that come from cryptographically signing the chain of ownership on things like land are kind of mind-boggling as well.

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