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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 4th of July 2021

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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 4th of July 2021

The HoloFamily can rejoice with two big announcements this week.

First up, the HoloPort Alpha program was announced. Testing on the Holo Hosting network so far has been limited to a handful of HoloPorts. The HoloPort Alpha program is expanding the number of HoloPorts used for testing and will incentivise people with HoloFuel to keep their HoloPorts online.

If you already own a HoloPort and can commit to a few basic agreements including keeping your HoloPort online for 95% of the time, you can apply to be part of the program. For this you’ll receive 10,000 HoloFuel for each month you stay online. The amount of HoloFuel is subject to change if any large changes in the price of HOT happen before beta.

Soon anybody with a browser will be able to test out hApps by entering a URL just like visiting any other Website. As you can imagine this will bring a massive increase in traffic to the network. Who wouldn’t want to visit a URL and see the first truly P2P serverless apps in action? Increasing the capacity of the network with the HoloPort Alpha program makes this big step possible.

With very little fanfare the team behind Holochain released the second version of Holochain RSM this week. Holochain is the tech enabling the Holo Hosting network, as well as a growing list of hApps that don’t necessarily need to be accessed through a Web browser. For those who are new to the project, Holochain RSM was released in February of this year. That release made possible what many said was an impossible dream. We can’t wait to see what the second version of Holochain RSM makes possible in the not so distant future.

Capacity for global coordination

What Holochain makes possible is so vast that you wouldn’t be alone in not yet fully grasping all of what it will enable. In this podcast, Daniel Schmachtenberger shares his views on how global coordination can open up big positive global changes. With a vision as big as this, it’s no surprise that Holochain is mentioned as a way to make this happen.

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