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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 29th of August 2021

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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 29th of August 2021

Elemental Chat is the first hApp (Holochain App) being tested on the Holo hosting network. We’re currently in an important period of testing and updating based on test results. The latest version of Elemental Chat has just been released. Current testers are invited to start testing.

From here, the plan is to get more Holoports online to increase capacity for the next group of testers (whether they have a Holoport or not) onto Elemental Chat. Although not officially announced by the Holo hosting team at the time of writing this, the link to register for Holoport Alpha Program has been circulating on social media.

If you would like to help test Elemental Chat as the team adds testers then you can register for that too.

Step by step, we’re getting closer.


Last week we spoke about the tech breakthrough from the Neighbourhoods team. This week we get to learn a bit more about the project as part of David Atkinson’s ecosystem sessions.

Neighbourhoods is aimed at hApp developers wanting to easily integrate a reputation philosophy into the software they develop. Do you know what it’s like to build trust in one group and then head over to a new group and have to build that trust all again? If yes, then if a developer uses Neighbourhoods when building a hApp it makes it easier to bring that reputation that you built up already into the new space.

A lot of work has gone into exploring reputation and value flows. This is a high-level technical overview of Neighbourhoods, so don’t worry if it goes over your head. If you’re a developer it would be worth taking the next step and reading the documentation. If not, this is yet another example of how rich the developer community already is for Holochain.


The tech that underpins it all, Holochain, had a new release during the week as well. This is a smaller release with only 1 bug fix in the changelog.

Holochain & HoloFuel The Network Effect Explained

Cloudthings wrote a great article and published it on Medium yesterday. This one is hot off the press.

As well as discussing the network effect and how it relates to both Holochain and Blockchain, this is a great piece that explains some key aspects of the ecosystem. In particular, the Holo hosting side of things.

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