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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 27th of June 2021

Photo by Omar Flores on Unsplash


This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 27th of June 2021

Another big step forward was taken this week at Holo Hosting. We will soon see the number of Holoports used on the test network increasing.

A bug that hampered progress recently has been worked around by reverting to an older version of Holochain. When the bug is squashed by the external Wasmer team then Holochain will be updated again.

Updates to the Holo Hosting infrastructure and Elemental Chat DNA have addressed reliability issues and the team is ready to open up community testing further.

HoloPort’s already in the community are now being identified for the expanded testing. When these Holoports have been identified a process to bring them online will be followed.

Ecosystem Sessions

The rapid expansion of developers using Holochain continues. Watching the recent Ecosystem Sessions with New York Textile Lab shows how applications built on Holochain are enabling ways of doing things that weren’t possible before.

Something in this video to look out for is when the people from New York Textile Lab screen share the processes that Holochain and Holo-REA are enabling in their total redesign of fashion supply chains.

Updates from the community

There were two big updates from the community in the way of video demos this week that showed Holochain in action.

The first from the Holochain based messaging app, Kizuna

The second from the Holochain based social media, Junto

It could be easy to dismiss these videos as trivial advances. We’ve all seen chat applications, right?

Not like this. Both of these are both running completely P2P (Peer to Peer) and that means there are no centralised servers. You’ve never seen anything like this before because it hasn’t existed until now.

Things are really starting to heat up in the Holoverse.

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