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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 1st of August 2021

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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 1st of August 2021

It’s hammer time. A week ago, end to end testing began of the Holo hosting infrastructure. Since then the acceleration in testing the capacity of the Holo hosting has been increasing. There are now over 200 people chatting on Elemental Chat. Messages are being delivered in real-time and no problems have been found with the extra load on the system.

Acceleration of testing is set to increase even further with another huge announcement from the Holo hosting team. Registrations are now open on the new Holo Website for anybody to test this world-first kind of application. No need for a Holoport, all you will need is a Web browser.

You’ll be glad to hear that the new HoloFuel hApp (Holochain App) is coming along nicely. On the Holo hosting roadmap, HoloFuel is the next hApp due after Elemental Chat. Holochain and Holo are so much bigger than transactional type currencies, but HoloFuel is the worlds first asset-backed truly P2P (Peer to Peer) digital currency. This is a big deal and we can’t wait to test and see peoples reactions to it.

The Holochain team has been busy as well. Internal integration testing has begun on sharding which is a key in Holochain hApps being able to scale up with no limits.

Internet of Energy Network

During the week we saw a really interesting Medium article drop. After a closer look, IOEN (Internet of Energy Network) had released another two Medium articles a week prior and with those pieces, IOEN was announced to the world.

What is IOEN you ask? IOEN is a microgrid network that is powered by Holochain. You’ll be able to sell your excess power or purchase power from within your community microgrid or from one of the connected communities with a microgrid. All this without the massive infrastructure costs of centralised power grids. That means you’ll get more for the power you sell and people buying power will be able to purchase it cheaper.

It’s developed by Holochain early adopters Redgrid and part of the system is another asset-backed mutual currency. Similar to how you can exchange HoloFuel for hosting capacity, you will be able to exchange IOEN for capacity on the microgrid network. Also similar to HoloFuel there is an associated ERC-20 Ethereum based token.

There will be an IOEN ICO for their ERC-20 token. We’ll learn all about it and report back in a future update.

Until then more information can be found on the IOEN Website which includes the IOEN white paper.

Oui Holochain

In another sign that the world is waking up to Holochain, France opened submissions for $20 Billion of tech funding across 6 different major technology spaces. One of those is Holochain.

For a tech that isn’t quite in beta yet, this is a real acknowledgement of the future of Holochain. If you’re in France and have been thinking about creating your own hApp, then perhaps this is just the spark to help move it along.

Elemental Chess

A few weeks back it was announced that the first community-developed hApp to be tested on the Holo hosting network was called Elemental Chess. This week David Atkinson (Commercial Director) held another Ecosystem Session about Elemental Chess that includes both an interview with the developers and a demo.

We’ve all seen online Chess, so why is this special? It’s all running completely serverless. This runs completely on Holoports. There is no part of this that runs on centralised servers like AWS.

You can watch the full Ecosystem Session below to learn more.

Build it!

This one is for the tech-heads. If you’re developing or planning to develop a hApp then this video with Matt from the Holo hosting team should be really informative.

You may not know this, but the Holo hosting infrastructure is actually a collection of hApps all working together. So Holo hosting team developers building the Holo hosting infrastructure have a unique insight into building hApps.

You can watch the latest Build it! hosted by David Atkinson below.

Gender deafness

Holochain and Holo hosting aren’t just about groundbreaking tech. It’s far bigger than that. It is enabling a paradigm shift which is why we’re so excited about it at Paradigm O. That’s why a Tweet this week from Mary Camacho (Executive Director) was so pleasing to see.

In the Tweet Mary comments on a video from “Australian” media about gender deafness. Gender deafness is explained in the video in the Tweet below as men ignoring ideas from women and even moments later applauding the same ideas if they are out of the mouth of a man.

Thankfully Mary has never had that experience at Holo. As Mary says, culture matters.

New Holo Website

We casually mentioned earlier in this update the new Holo hosting Website. More than a fresh look, this update has also revamped the content in a big way. Check it out @

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