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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 12th of September 2021

Cool tiem lapse photography of a moving light.


This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 12th of September 2021

The number of Holoports online and registered for the Holo hosting Alpha Program has increased to 399. When that number reaches 800 the program will be activated. This is when the owners of online Holoports will start earning their 10,000 HoloFuel per month.

Activation of the program is when we’ll see Elemental Chat upgraded to the latest version with the new version of Holochain. It will also be when the 2000+ people who have registered to be testers of Elemental Chat will start to be contacted.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to purchase a Holoport as part of the next batch manufactured all is progressing as planned and delivery is due between October and December. Global electronics shortages are responsible for this being the final batch of Holoports before the Holo hosting Beta release.

Regardless of what happens to electronics global supply chains, there will be a software version of the Holo hosting platform release after Holo hosting goes Beta. One of the awesome features of the Holo hosting network is that it is accessible for the everyday person to become a host. Whether you have a Holoport or not, you’ll be able to take a slice of the cloud hosting market currently dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Ecosystem Sessions with the Internet of Energy Network

Recently the Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) which is powered by Holochain was announced. This week David Atkinson (Holochain and Holo Commercial Director) spoke with Adam Bumpus (IOEN CEO).

The hour-long conversation gave us some real insight into this game-changing tech. IOEN is open-source tech that manages and connects electricity micro-grids. Consumer-ready renewable electricity sources like solar and wind get cheaper and cheaper centralised energy grids are failing because of their old designs. IOEN does things like financially reward people to use energy at particular times that help the energy grids work efficiently. Regardless of whether you have your own solar or wind, you can still benefit from this new kind of micro-grid.

IOEN is the not-for-profit foundation that was born out of the for-profit Holochain early adopters Redgrid. Redgrid is naturally the first company to use IOEN to power its products. IOEN is open for other software developers to build upon and Adam explains how others could build upon it and get paid.

Holochain is building a human-centric Internet and this conversation has so many examples of this. You’ll see what a great Dad David is through the way he spoke with his child during the interview. Adam speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand the benefits of this tech to an everyday person. We hope you enjoy the conversation in the video below.

DevCamp is Back!

Have you ever thought you’d love to get into a time machine and go back to the start of the Internet to be the first one to release a particular app? If so, fortunately, you don’t need to. You can be the first to do that same thing on the new Holochain powered Internet.

Either you or someone on your team is going to have to be a software developer. The front end (the bit you see) for your hApps (Holochain Apps) is written like any existing Web app. The backend (the really tech bits that you don’t see) is very different with Holochain.

One way to get up to speed as a developer is to join the next Holochain DevCamp. It’s all online so you can join wherever you are and this one is free.

Holochain Documentation

Another way for software developers to get up to speed on how to build hApps is with the Holochain developer documentation.

Recently Sprillow, a design and development studio that uses Holochain, took some initiative and started a documentation drive. The updated Application Architecture section of the documentation is a result of that initiative. The collaboration with Paul d’Aoust from the Holochain team has resulted in something that even non-tech people might be able to get some insight into because of the beautiful illustrations.

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