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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 6th June 2021

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This week in the Holoverse | Week ending 6th June 2021

This week some big updates to Holochain were announced.

Holochain is the technology that the Holo Hosting Network and a growing list of Holochain apps (hApps) are powered by. After some big announcements recently from the Holo Host team, it’s great to hear about advances from the tech that underpins it all.

All the latest enhancements make Holochain faster and more scalable. The database changes in particular are a big step towards making Holochain infinitely scalable so that hApps won’t slow down as more users use them. One of the big reasons why Holochain is starting to turn heads.

With all of this now in testing, the Holochain team has now begun the dev work needed for sharding the DHT. What is that you ask? It’s going to make hApps work a little bit like BitTorrent so that data efficiently moves around the network.

Ecosystem Sessions

In this week’s Ecosystem Sessions, David Atkins interviewed Damien Douté. Damien is developing an email replacement hApp built with Holochain called SnapMail. In the video below you’ll see a demo of Snapmail that shows how developers are developing apps that will allow us to say goodbye to the old centralised internet.


This week Mary Camacho, the Executive Director for Holo Hosting joined a number of other tech leaders on a panel to discuss responsible use of data. Something that Holochain has built-in by default. Hopefully, Orange Silicon Valley will release a video of that panel soon. If they do, we’ll post it in a future edition of This week in the Holoverse.

The awesome people at AcornOak held two online workshops which explored Holochain, money, value plus a whole lot more. The workshops had great speakers and got really interactive with break-out groups going deeper.

Paul D’Aoust explored Holochain in Part 1 of the Holochain Workshop: Becoming the Artists of the Invisible.

Siddharth Sthalekar explored How Holochain Can Manifest in Part 2 of the Holochain Workshop: Becoming the Artists of the Invisible.

Virginie Glaenzer challenged our beliefs around economics and how money is created and explored the emerging economy, in Part 3 of the Holochain Workshop: Becoming the Artists of the Invisible.

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