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Sarah Blasko | Always On This Line


Sarah Blasko | Always On This Line

When the meaning behind this song hit me, it hit me hard. It wasn’t back in ’09, it was something like a few years ago when I had that ‘aha’ moment where my interior monologue let out a long drawn out “ohhhhhhh!”

“At first light, first sight, the world seems like a miracle.”

The feeling goes hand in hand with youth until at some point your consciousness has expanded enough to wrap around the entirety of life on earth. Until you grasp what has been going on around you all this time.

“Oh, put your hands up, claim your crime
‘Cause you never had the time
You still get to work just fine
When you’re always on this line”

To go even further, and personalise the message even more Blasko sings:

“Oh, it might be unkind of me to make you feel bad
Oh, it might be a shame of me to treat you like that
When there’s everything you’ve worked for in your life
On this line”

Coupled with the colour and symbolism used in the visual storytelling of the music video, this message is even stronger. Ultimately though, it is the relationship between this line that Blasko sings about and each and every one of us that makes Always On This Line as powerful and relevant today as it was upon release. Discover more from Sarah Blasko here.

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