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  • Solarpunk Edgedweller

    I’m walking the grounds of the campus I once considered mine

    By December 18, 2020

    The place I belonged — for a time — where I studied Nature, Architecture, Planning, Design…...

  • Solarpunk Edgedweller


    By September 7, 2020

    Today I woke up to construction sounds. This is nothing new. This seems to be something...

  • Solarpunk Edgedweller

    Leave me something to breathe

    By August 5, 2020

    Rainbow has been out three times this week. This is sure to be a good omen....

  • Solarpunk Edgedweller

    I have decided to tell you my story

    By July 16, 2020

    I won’t tell you everything, of course. A story is a good story when it paints...

  • Creative & Culture

    Zellenach Speaks

    By September 12, 2019

    On September 10th a historic moment happened. This powerful speech by DT Zellanach Djab Mara was...

  • Creative & Culture

    Carbonature Artist Kim Perrier

    By September 5, 2019

    Paradigm O spent time with insightful Artist Kim Perrier who is exploring the unlimited nature of...

  • Perspective & Story

    Old Growth Protectors

    By July 1, 2019

    Paradigm O visited Save Lewin Forest protectors camp, which has been set up by WA Forest...

  • Perspective & Story

    What is Paradigm O?

    By June 14, 2019

    In this context, we have identified the word ‘Paradigm’ to be the best word to describe...

  • Perspective & Story

    Welcome to Paradigm O

    By March 23, 2019

    No matter where I go, I can’t help but notice, everywhere I look, people living from...

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