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On Perspective

One way I like to view perspective is that everyone’s view or perspective is momentary, an ever-changing sum total of equations.

Like angles or fractals making up all that individual has been able to perceive, absorb, comprehend or reason in the total of their lived experience.

We can gain an ability to become more perceptive as we go through life depending on the choices we make.

To be open enough to see all possible angles is a gift, and to close your mind to possible angles is to miss out on the beauty of perceptions other than our own.

To be open enough to understand how anyone came to see anything the way they have is a beautiful thing and costs nothing but affords you everything.

To listen without judgment is all that is required for such openness, and to agree or disagree isn’t even a necessary outcome.

Why are we humans so hung up on being made to agree or disagree with something?

If you ask this question, it is easy to see one possible answer: we are heavily programmed this way.

From early to tertiary schooling, we are taught to form a view on one side or the other.

I have never wanted to think this way.

You could be the player on each side of the court or the bird above watching the whole match.

I prefer to sit where the birds-eye view is.

Attachment to our perception can be more dangerous than whatever it is being perceived.

By being open to a new possibility and all possible possibilities, the burden of attachment to being right is lifted.

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(Zoe/She/Her/They/Them) Songwriter at heart and probably from birth, it was a parallel interest in place that took Zoe down the path of Architecture, Design and Planning via Events before ending up here. A weaver of worlds, Zoe uses words in music, daily life and here at Paradigm O, encouraging humanity to bend the road ahead towards a better version for everyone on this planet.

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