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On Limits

To define is to limit

Oscar Wilde

Imagine that life is a colouring book. Most people are required to colour between the lines. And they have, on average, about 12 crayons. All you need to colour and draw well.

Then there’s this small group who for some reason just happen to have, on average, 12 000 crayons. 1000 times more crayons than they need to effectively colour. This group are allowed to colour outside the lines. But not just colour outside the lines, they can do whatever they like and can scribble all over the page and completely ruin it if they choose.

You might think there would be some reason for this requirement. Those people with only around 12 crayons colour between the lines. For example, that it would keep everything ‘nice’. Except the problem is, everyone is trying to use less colour and still colour between the lines so that they might eventually be able to have enough crayons to colour outside the lines.

Then there’s that grey area between 12 and 1200 crayons. That’s where you can volunteer to penalise those with only 12 crayons, to get you closer to 12 000 crayons. So instead of making life brighter, more colourful, nicer… You’re taking away the ability for good, nice people to make life good, nice and colourful.

You might think that’s the best way. You might think that only a few should colour outside the lines and that you should be one of them. You might think this is the way this has always been and this is the way this must always be. If that is so, then I ask you this.

“What is the reason for having lines at all if a select few can colour outside of them?”

Life is a colouring book.

And life is also a blank page.

It starts as a blank page.

We fill it with lines.

Boundaries and edges.


Yet we place no limit on the limit that does exist, the limit of our Earth, our Habitat.

We allow individuals to be confined and anchored to imaginary spaces and confines that disempower them.

We allow these confines to extend to the potential of the human mind.

The one life that we all create together. We have the potential to create something so great that doesn’t exist yet, but we are limited by ourselves and the confines we perceive.

We have the potential to create the greatest masterpiece we could imagine if we stopped seeing lines and shared all the crayons.

The limits we have defined in our society do not align with the actual limits.

Limits exist, but why are we limiting our creativity and ability to problem solve and design our way out of this existential failure?

Why do our ‘leaders’ fail to see our failure?

Why don’t we empower ourselves today to become individual, autonomous leaders, creative visionaries that go beyond the limits we have been perceiving and share our crayons and all that we can do with them, fearlessly.

Life is a colouring book, or life is a book of blank pages.

You decide.

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