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Nick Glover | The Mystic in the Light (EP)


Nick Glover | The Mystic in the Light (EP)

“There’s times I wish that I
I could be a rain drop in the sky
I would float down from the clouds so high

And wash away the tears you’ve cried
There’s mystic in the light”

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It was the title track of Nick Glovers EP that quickly became one of my favourites (and my most requested) when I came across the approachable and conversational artist who goes by the handle of @nickglovermusic on Twitch. A platform beloved by gamers and lesser-known about but equally beloved to a community of live music performers and performance lovers.

Live music streamers of their own original music can be harder to find on the platform, with many musicians covering popular music, so the bond that forms is a unique kind of reciprocity and mutual respect when you do come across another songwriter.

The unique streaming feature of the platform means that time difference is the only barrier to a global worldwide music venue of revolving doors, or perhaps windows is a better analogy for the web-browser or mobile-based experience.

Having met Nick Glover only virtually, I sometimes forget that we’ve never actually met. Yet I would go so far as to say we “know each other” perhaps even more than many I have met “IRL” in music scenes over the years.

Having followed the journey of Nicks EP over many months through attending his music streams, and even coming *close* to naming the EP in one stream (having suggested one of the lyrics, though I am in full support of Nicks decision of the title) it is an understatement to say I was elated to see that the release had arrived and I could finally add the tracks to my playlists and crank them on “the big speaker.”

Mystic in the Light

There’s an uplifting tone throughout Mystic in the Light that continues through the EP, though not without that minor key, melody and introspection that balances perfectly the hope and desperation we all sometimes feel and, many times, reach for the headphones for. Music takes us to that place where we recognise that we are not alone in our complex human experience.

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Insomnia is relatable to absolutely anyone who has had trouble switching off the mind and slumbering at night. A similarly uplifting vibe is present here, which is exactly the kind of reassurance that anyone experiencing Insomnia needs. Nicks vocals and songwriting prowess shine in the bridge here, where that uplifting tone is traded with angst, and a little bit of what I refer to as visceral gold; a hook and a melody line that could rival any kind of euphoria-inducing drug.

Listen to Insomnia on Youtube

Dangerous Days

Twitch channel regulars favourite Dangerous Days begins with acoustic guitar, piano and the ever-iconic and memorable lyrics:

“If a heart is what we need
Then how are we supposed to fake it
In permanent denial
Of the world that we’ve created”

I’m reminded of the sentiment of my own first EP, in which the very last lyric happened to be “we need to spend time on this heart, it needs mending.”

This is perhaps why Nick Glover and I always got along. Nick is what I would consider a Hearts person () in a world full of people playing a hand full of Diamonds, Clubs or Spades. Then again, perhaps all songwriters are. And perhaps we all have the ability to play with our hand on our hearts, but it takes courage and bravery to actually do so in a world which, as Nick reminds us, needs it. Yet, many fake it.

Indeed, perhaps I am only now realising just how significant lyrically this song is. Nick Glover dives head-on into the denial of the fact that we are creating our world and our reality, and therefore the world in which we live is in fact our own creation.

“We looked upon the sky
To write the story for us
But prayers without an answer
Give our faith a callous”

Nicks poetic lyricism is on display throughout the record, and especially in this track… prayers without an answer that give our faith a callous… our cerebellums rumble… and there’s that chorus that ends with:

“And I want to believe
That what we have is worth healing
We don’t have to go home
To the bruises and the beatings”

I can not understate the significance of lyrics such as this being written and work like this being created and made available. This is the kind of lyricism that provides comfort and companionship in those darkest of times that we might experience. This is the territory where art can become a very literal lifesaver. Music is especially acknowledged by many to have this power, yet as a society, we seem to be forgetting this.

Nick gives us another impactful bridge, with a choir of voices bringing back that same uplifting spirit that we know from earlier in the EP to bring that hopefulness back to the listener during what is one of the more introspective, and indeed significant, songs.

Listen to Dangerous Days on Youtube


Intentions showcases Nicks ability to pen and deliver a tune that holds its own as an acoustic number, although the production only enhances the central acoustic guitar. There’s a strong melody and hook once again, as there always is in a Nick Glover tune, but here we are given a haunting post-chorus, almost reminiscent of Mumford & Sons whilst remaining strong in originality, and even some western vibes.

Listen to Intentions on Youtube

Fix What’s Broke

Finally, the closing track Fix What’s Broke came as a surprise to me, being that I thought that the title track was my clear favourite. This song, in its final form, seems to have completely won me over. Not that you have to have a favourite, but this one really got me. So much so, that I think I added it to my visceral gold playlist. Which is not something I do very often.

The melody, the vibe, the production. It just does what music needs to do to get me listening addictively. Yes, addictively. It’s a word.

“I’ve convinced myself that I could read your mind
That you could be the one that I call mine
I could be something more
Than mistakes I’ve made before
That everyone can change…
… or stay the same”

If you’re a sucker for romantic storytelling, like I am, you will find yourself with Fix What’s Broke on repeat in no time too. It’s one of those slow burners, that builds from the last line of the first verse, where that perfectly mixed choir comes in, into another verse where the introduction of a strong beat and a sexy riff pique your attention and the story continues.

Listen to Fix What’s Broke on Youtube

“I think you occupy my heart
And you make me tear my head apart
Running circles round the truth
The best of me’s the worst in you

And I think I might’ve choked
Got some words stuck in my throat
Yeah everyone can change, but I’ll stay the same”

Here the drums and the chorus of “ooh’s” just do that thing that music does, and it’s a moment every time. Its visceral gold… and it just gets better as the riff comes in, and Nick can be heard singing out the final line: “nothings ever gonna hurt me, no”

Start to finish, Nick Glovers ‘The Mystic in the Light’ EP is a collection of songs that pull at every different heart-string that a person could need to pull. From the romantic to the very literal insomniac experience. From the bruises and beatings to the analysis of intentions to the poetic and uplifting mysticism in the title track, there is something for every experience here. It’s all woven together with Nicks knack for a melody, engaging song structures and soothing and affable vocals.

This is music that will have your back, and if you’re the kind of music fan that loves getting to know the artists you listen to, you’re in luck, because you can do just that when Nick Glover, who happens to be a regular live-streamer, goes live on his Twitch channel here.

(Zoe/She/Her/They/Them) Songwriter at heart and probably from birth, it was a parallel interest in place that took Zoe down the path of Architecture, Design and Planning via Events before ending up here. A weaver of worlds, Zoe uses words in music, daily life and here at Paradigm O, encouraging humanity to bend the road ahead towards a better version for everyone on this planet.

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