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Murray Kyle | Here in the Now


Murray Kyle | Here in the Now

It should come as no surprise that this song comes to mind as an unofficial Paradigm O anthem.

Murray Kyle sings the words “…in the Cycle. In the Circle…” as a round that repeats in this cyclical, circular nature. The very nature that Paradigm O was founded to discuss, celebrate and remind humanity of.

We discovered this song and artist through our friends at O’Heart Festival and found ourselves listening to it on repeat and coming back to it time and time again. Discover more from this visionary artist by visiting his website.

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(Zoe/She/Her/They/Them) Songwriter at heart and probably from birth, it was a parallel interest in place that took Zoe down the path of Architecture, Design and Planning via Events before ending up here. A weaver of worlds, Zoe uses words in music, daily life and here at Paradigm O, encouraging humanity to bend the road ahead towards a better version for everyone on this planet.

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