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Larry Maluma | Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer


Larry Maluma | Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer

Organic sounds… the sounds of Africa, from traditional wind instruments to percussion… and that reggae guitar style that brings an uplifting emotion to significant discussions that are best had through music. 

Larry Maluma is among the great creators of our time, and if you don’t know about Larry Maluma, do yourself a favour and familiarise yourself with his music.

Larry sings in both English and his native tongue, and his phrasing and repetition brings out the important messages in his work.

Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer is one of three tracks released as a new EP which also includes Bablyon System Stinks and is available as a CD or mp3 via Larry Maluma’s website store where you will also find past albums and merchandise.

In Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer a light is shone on this cultural perspective on health and wellbeing and this is something that the colonial construct of any western civilisation ought to spend some time with. Listening. Learning. Deep listening. Deep learning. 

Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer – Larry Maluma

Every day

Every night

People getting sick

Some die

Around the world

Do you feel

How I feel

Mental health illness

Around the globe

Can you see

What we see

Spiritual healers

Around the world

Good ng’anga

A bush doctor is a medicine man show him respect

A bush doctor is a traditional man give him respect 

A bush doctor is a medicine man show him respect

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