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Lace De Bridge | In All The Beauty

Lace De Bridge artist photo, Lace De Bridge is wearing a yellow blazer and is in front of a black rectangle on a larger teal rectangle background, light is coming from the corners and Lace De Bridge also wears an earring on left ear


Lace De Bridge | In All The Beauty

As a music artist, naturally over time you meet a lot of other music artists in various ways. More often than not, it is by playing shows together. It was a more unique situation that brought about the connection between myself and Claudio, professionally known as Lace De Bridge.

Six years prior, I had been living in a share-house I had established with a group of friends. Suddenly and tragically, my father lost his life which uprooted me from the share-house. This ultimately led me to leave the house in quite a hurry later that year when I was unable to continue living in the place where I heard the news.

During my time there, I had acquired an antique pianola from a kind woman named Lyn. Lyn lived locally and wanted to see the pianola re-homed where it would be played, rather than collect dust. I covered the cost of the relocation and wrote a number of songs on that pianola. 

However, unequipped to deal with the grief I was experiencing and the responsibilities of life, I left the pianola to the custodianship of the share-house itself; knowing that by doing so I had no control over what may happen to it. I realised that the likelihood of my next residence being permanent was slim, so investing in another removal would be unwise, and further relocations a costly exercise.

It was the pianola and an accompanying desk that connected Claudio and I. Eventually, in 2020 I found myself in need of a desk and with a point of contact back to the current sharehouse residents. I arranged to collect the desk and this was when I met Claudio, a musical artist who grew up in Rome. Upon meeting Claudio I got an instant sense of the reverence Claudio has for music. Especially musical instruments.

‘Guys, this is a piano!’ Claudio recounted to me, as a group of us sat around the rear patio where I had sat as a resident many times six years earlier. We came to learn about each other’s music and each shared a song. Claudio played some material on the pianola and showed us some of the production work that had been created with it. At that moment I was so glad that I had left the pianola where it was and had entrusted destiny to bring this interaction to life. 

Soon after this, Lace De Bridge travelled to perform to a small crowd in my backyard at the time. We were treated to an intimate live set, just before the sunset over the hill opposite our backyard.

Now, I am thrilled to hear that same enchanting voice and melody in this debut single from Lace De Bridge. The words so eloquently chosen for the songs title ‘In All The Beauty’ also sum up the two acoustic experiences I have been blessed to have witnessed.

The break-out single, Lace De Bridge tells us, is more electronic than upcoming releases and really showcases the talent of this artist as a music producer. The lyrical substance has a depth that mirrors that of the chosen title, and speaks to all of us on an existential level.

To go back where I, where I was light

It’s clear from this song that Lace De Bridge is here to bring light into our lives and unite us with the beauty in each of us. Melodically, Lace De Bridge brings us into an enchanting world that might be reminiscent to some of 00’s, 90’s, 80’s or even earlier dance scenes. To me, this kind of melodic dance music takes me back and throws me forward simultaneously. It echoes a world with a spirit of place that is timeless. It almost feels as though if we close our eyes and click our feet, we might just magically be there now. 

For many of us today, those dancefloors of our dreams are inviting us home again, home to a place where, ‘In All The Beauty’ we can be together again.

We can’t wait for the next release from Lace De Bridge and will be eagerly keeping an eye on their Linktree for this.

In the meantime, why not add ‘In All The Beauty’ to your Spotify playlists, and if you like to read lyrics, here they are:

Lace De Bridge – In All The Beauty

When I’m alive I can feel you in me
When I realize that I’m one of your seed
In all the beauty and in what has been
You are there were the answer waits

If I don’t watch you are all around
When I look up you are underground
In all the beauty and in what has been
You are there were the answer waits

To go back where I, where I was light
To go back where I, where I unite

When I’m alive I can feel you in me
When I realize I am of your seed
In all the beauty and in all the rest
You are there were the answer waits

To go back where I, where I was light
To go back where I, where I unite

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