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Finding Empowerment in the Everyday

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Finding Empowerment in the Everyday

All of us have been adjusting to a major shift in the way we do the things we do every day all over the world.

A global shift is something that many of us knew needed to come about. Now that a shift is happening, many of us are adjusting to living in new circumstances. For many, the change that has occurred has opened up new possibilities.

However, for all of us, it’s important to acknowledge that everyday life can be a lot.

Being human is a lot!

We are all beholden to a body that just won’t keep up if you take on too much of anything and burn out.

I have learned a lot about balance and my body through my own experiences of compounded car accidents.

On top of this, I am learning to accept that my body goes through cycles… and my sleep cycles aren’t necessarily the same as anyone else’s either!

I hope that through this time, which we’ll just call ‘2020 and beyond,’ we all learn to take care of ourselves and each other a little better.

Is this the time for us to learn to listen to our bodies, our needs, and the needs of others?

Maybe we can find a shared language to be able to do this.

I totally believe this is possible!

And I believe that we will all know our own needs and be able to communicate them better when we engage in meaningful activities that do not seek to escape from ourselves or the world around us.

There is so much more to do than scroll endlessly or plant ourselves in front of a mind-numbing screen.

That’s not to say screens are bad… screens can be used to learn and do amazing things. It’s important to remember, though, that’s not the only way.

Here is a list of Empowering Everyday Actions that we can all use to create new everyday habits that nourish ourselves and each other 

I’m not suggesting anyone tries to do all of these every day! What I am suggesting is that you look at this list with an open mind and understand that the simple act of showing up to any of these activities will help empower you.

Replacing dis-empowering habits with empowering ones can lead to an overall shift in your well being.

  • Weights (start small!)
  • Yoga
  • Breathing exercises (try searching on Youtube, and if you’re up for the challenge, search Wim-Hoff)
  • Gentle Stretches
  • Walking (even just around the block every day or most days makes a big difference!)
  • Exploring your neighbourhood… this can start with walking around the block, but take a turn you don’t usually take! Then another one! etc.
  • Hiking & rock climbing
  • Sun bathing (your body will tell you when you’ve had enough Sun, so listen!)
  • Meditation (if you find it difficult to still your mind, try searching for guided meditation on Youtube)
  • Colouring, drawing, painting, sculpting or other art
  • Journalling (stream of consciousness is a way to start, or you might like a more visual style of journalling)
  • Singing, playing an instrument, songwriting, learning music production
  • Seed saving
  • Going on a foraging walk
  • Cooking from the garden or foraging
  • Watering the garden, planting seedlings or seeds
  • Learning a new skill
  • Learning about a topic of interest
  • Reading a book or a magazine
  • Doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • Crochet, knitting, sewing, weaving
  • Crafting & making 
  • Mandalas, rock placing, and crystal grids
  • Natural building
  • Making a mosaic from broken plates, mirrors, glass, cups
  • Repairing other broken goods or finding other ways to use them like sculpture or jewellery making
  • Making a vision Board or dream journal (a visual or written representation of your dreams and goals)
  • Making a collage (collage is a great style for a vision board, but you might prefer to just make collage art)
  • Writing a list or updating your calendar (getting organised feels so empowering!)
  • Tidying up a space or rearranging it (learning about Fung Shui might be of interest here) 
  • Cleaning a space that has been tidied (vacuuming and surface cleaning help clear the space even more!)
  • Creating a new space (like a cubby-house, a vehicle or cabin project… let your imagination run wild! Create it!)
  • Create a creature (like a pet rock, plushie or hot wheat-bag friend!)
  • Collecting (choose something you can get excited about)
  • Making DIY natural body care products
  • Making a smudge stick (herbs like Rosemary can be found growing all over the place)
  • Setting up a ‘Giving hub’ on your front fence or in your local community somewhere
  • Organise a clothing or produce swap
  • Practice waving and saying hello to passers by, especially when driving or wearing a mask

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