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Featured Video: Orelia – Parachute

The 4 members of the band Orelia
Chelsea turner of Orelia.

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Featured Video: Orelia – Parachute

Orelia is the group out of Adelaide that gave us a Wake-Up Call in 2021. Remember?

Following on from their compelling and hard-hitting lead single comes Parachute, a light, heartwarming, easy-breezy tune.

‘We live for the weekend, and it always takes so long’ sings lead vocalist Chelsea straight off the breath that can be heard at the very start of this track where so often an introductory bar or two might be.

This attention-grabbing decision draws the listener straight into the story and a relatable reference to time relativity leads to more story-telling and scene-setting.

Musically, the vintage keyboard sound that is the hallmark of this track is somewhat reminiscent of early Zero Seven or George, but with front-woman Chelsea offering her own distinctive personality and vocal tone: one that is gently powerful and sits beautifully against this particular keyboard sound and beat.

The video transports us between the full band playing live on stage, and the ‘trouble’ that ensues, perhaps beforehand, where automotive issues hold up the band from arriving at their intended destination.

This relatable scene might take you back to your own car troubles, or even that day you narrowly made the gig…

One noteworthy thing about this band that deserves a mention and is especially evident in this track is how tight the rhythm section is. Troy and Heath seem to have been playing together for long enough that their rhythmic compatibility could rival that of a metronome.

The video also introduces us to a new fourth member of the lineup, Ellen.

Chelsea’s vocal performance only gets better throughout the track, with dreamy backing vocals and keyboard licks transporting us back to golden days. All the while, the band are now carrying their instruments and travelling on foot.

An increase in frustration gives way to a moment of defeat and then much needed rest before the group pick themselves up and carry on, and I’m feeling this is a beautiful analogy for the last couple of years for all of us.

The group huddle together against a backdrop of ‘Australian bush’ that makes for a memorable scene as the song is drawing to a close before they arrive as the ‘Vine Shed’ which we now recognise from the group playing there throughout the clip.

A solid concept that really works for this video and song, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the group a little more through it. Parachute also introduces us to a sound that offers something a little different to Wake-Up call, a different tone for a different kind of listening, and I love that.

Parachute is a song to put on when you feel like floating. Maybe on a Sunday arvo, maybe on the first day of a road trip… choose your occasion. Once again I am looking forward to what Orelia have in store for us next.

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