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Every open window leads to a closing door

Solarpunk Edgedweller

Every open window leads to a closing door

Life is moving faster, it seems.

Our chapter as Solarpunk Settlers is drawing to an end.

It must have been around January when we got the call, the time was to come… the owner is moving back in.

It wasn’t too long after we had decided that this house and garden were a little too much work for a couple of Solarpunks with a penchant for the freedom of vagrancy.

No longer had we set our sights on the buses of the online marketplace did we receive the call.

We basically practically summoned this upon ourselves.

Part of the reason the last few months have gotten faster is we have added some time commitments. We’ve started building a community in an online space where I’m streaming. Yep, I’m a livestreamer now.

I’m not sure what timespace you’re reading this from…. but basically it’s where people sit in front of the camera, talking to a chat-based community. In my case, I also play songs that I wrote (and strictly ones that I wrote, except for at Christmas time apparently) on instruments like piano and guitar and play with soft-toys (plushies) and animatronic pets (like Furbys.)

It has become an incredibly wholesome gathering of soul-fam that started off as weekly and now happens twice weekly. We added an additional stream for to be a bit more opposite hemisphere friendly, since our earthfam is a global family.

So being streamers is taking up the bulk of our time now.

The gifting station out the front is doing its thing as our lives roll on…. we add a few items here and there in our downsizing process, they go and others appear…. like some pots for plants including one with dog on it… and book ends that say (a) and (z)… one could be inspired to alphabetise their book collection.

Even gold and silver coinage showed up. There must have been about several dollars of coins there.

The garden has suffered a little though. The water tank ran dry, and in adjusting to our new schedule whilst undertaking the maintenance of the interior of the house and creating the bulk majority of our own meals, something had to give and it seems as though between the two of us we couldn’t keep up with the square metre-age of maintenance tasks. The last couple of days I’ve tried to catch the garden up on its watering (luckily town water is available still) and our tomato yield is still in tact though some of the leaves on some plants dried a little… they are regaining their green colour once again.

We’ve got about 5 decent sized romas nearly ready to pick, a similar amount of capsicums a little behind, and a few cherry tomatoes getting closer as well. Seeing photos of friends though, it seems our little yield is a little later than most. Then again, being our first yield we see this as a win to have achieved fruit at all. We have transformed from a couple of Solarpunk nomads with zero green thumbs, to a couple of settlers digging their hands in the dirt, and now as the road calls as home we will come away from this chapter with a year of fond memories from the nest which got us through the year that was 2020.

It is the early Autumn now as we prepare for this next chapter and as we downsize, the record I’m working on edges closer to completion and we are now sharing that journey with our streaming community.

So things are building.

As I wrote in my Imagine entry, “it’s as if the closest we ever come to settling down always comes with a permanent reminder that this is not it for us — we are not at our destination, we are still building — so we better not go and get too comfortable.”

Yes, things are building alright. I wrote it in the lyrics of upcoming EP, and I write it over and over again in these journal entries.

I write it because I know truth, and I know the power of creation. Our power. As creators.

I understand my part in this all. I understand our part in this all.

I hope you do too, and I hope you don’t take that either too seriously or too lightly. Take it just right, is what I’m saying.

There is no need to let the pressure of that statement bear down on you, rather walk with a lightness knowing that you walk in your truth.

That by just showing up you have something to offer. Just by showing up. Just by being you. That is how we build.

If you don’t already know what I mean, show up to a few more journal entries or livestreams and I have no doubt that you will.

If not then even — then we will show you.

That part I am excited about.

It starts soon.

I’m signing off for now, because these are going to be shorter, and more frequent.

That is my intention.

And as you know, I am a woman of intention.

With all the very best of intentions,
beyond hope and towards infinity,


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(Zoe/She/Her/They/Them) Songwriter at heart and probably from birth, it was a parallel interest in place that took Zoe down the path of Architecture, Design and Planning via Events before ending up here. A weaver of worlds, Zoe uses words in music, daily life and here at Paradigm O, encouraging humanity to bend the road ahead towards a better version for everyone on this planet.

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