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Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet


Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet

Transferring your HOT (Holo) to your Trezor Hardware Wallet

Once you setup your Trezor hardware wallet you can then transfer your HOT (Holo) tokens to it. Here they can be stored securely until HoloFuel is released and you will be able to exchange your HOT (Holo) tokens into HoloFuel.

Although these steps are written with HOT (Holo) in mind, the same step came be takem to store any ERC20 tokens which HOT (Holo) is.

Step 1

Go to and connect your Trezoe hardware wallet via USB.

Step 2

Enter your pin number on the web page. See your Trezor hardware wallet to see where the numbers are on the 3 x 3 grid this time you are entering your pin.

Step 3

When logged in to your Trezor hardware wallet you will see the name of your device on the left-hand side. The name for the Trezor in this step by step guide is Sun.

Above that, you’ll see the Bitcoin logo with a drop-down arrow next to it. Click this drop-down arrow and then select Ethereum. Please ensure you select Ethereum and not Ethereum Classic.

Step 4

You will then be displayed an introductory screen for the Trezor Ethereum Wallet. Click the ‘Go to Trezor Ethereum Wallet’ button.

Step 5

The Trezor Ethereum Wallet currently only works on the beta version of the Trezor hardware wallet. On the screen which says that click the “OK, I understand” button.

Step 6

The next screen will asks you to choose either the standard wallet or the hidden wallet. We recommend the hidden wallet. With the hidden wallet you till need to create a passphrase as a another level of security. This isn’t necessary, but we highly recommend it and will show that in this step by step guide.

Step 7

The first time the you select hidden wallet you will be aksed to create a passphrase.

The below screen is what is displayed to enter your passphrase in once you have created your passphrase.

Step 8

On this screen, you can search for the HOT (Holo) token in the search box under where it says Tokens. If you have any tokens in this wallet, they will be displayed there.

For this tutorial to add HOT (Holo) to your wallet the next step for you to do is to click the Receive tab.

Step 9

On the next screen, you will see a partial display on the wallet address to send you HOT (Holo) tokens to. In this picture, they are greyed out for security reasons. To see the full wallet address click the “Show full address” button.

Step 10

On this screen the full wallet address to send your HOT (Holo) to is displayed. Check on your Trezor hardware wallet that the wallet address is the same and if they are click the confirm button on your Trezor hardware wallet. If they aren’t please contact Trezor support to find out the next steps.

Step 11

On this page your full Ethereum wallet address is displayed.

This Ethereum wallet address can receive HOT (Holo) tokens as well as any other ERC20 tokens.

Step 12

Copy and paste the full wallet address from the screen above into where you purchased or are currently storing your HOT (Holo) tokens.

This step can result in losing your coins if you get the wallet address even one character wrong. Please check and double-check the wallet address you copy and paste to send to.

Every exchange or wallet that you are transferring looks different. The below picture displays what it looks like in Binance. The wallet address from Trezor goes in the Address field that the red arrow is pointing to.

If you are transferring large amounts, we recommend sending a smaller amount first as a test. Once you confirm the transfer was successful then you can send larger amounts. This means you will receive more fees, but it is far safer to test first.

Step 13

Once you have transferred you HOT (Holo) to your Trezor hardware wallet. Search for HOT (Holo) on the summary screen as shown below. It will display the number of tokens where the the grey blob is on the below image.

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