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Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet


Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet

Setting up your Trezor Hardware Wallet

After you receive your Trezor hardware wallet, you will need to set it up to be able to transfer HOT (Holo) that you purchase from an Exchange. This tutorial will work for any ERC20 token, but the focus of this tutorial is for the ERC20 HOT (Holo) token.

Please be very careful with these steps as getting things wrong or forgetting things, could lead to you losing or getting your coins stolen. We’ve made this walkthrough on setting up your Trezor as clear as possible to make the process as easy as possible for you.

We’ll also put in bold letters the bits that are extra important to be very careful with so that you don’t lose your coins.

Step 1

Go to in your browser.

Step 2

Make sure that the box your Trezor hardware wallet came in hasn’t been tampered with. If it hasn’t been tampered with, please open the box and remove your wallet. If it has been tampered with we strongly recommend you don’t use this hardware wallet and contact Trezor customer support to find out your next steps.

Step 3

Plugin your wallet using the USB cable provided. If you’ve never used a Trezor hardware wallet on this computer you’ll need to install the Trezor Bridge software for your operating system. The Trezor Bridge works with Linux, Windows and Mac and provides the software link between your Trezor and your web browser.

Step 4

Go to in your browser and plugin your hardware wallet (if it isn’t plugged in already).

If you see a message like in this image to add for bitcoin links this is fine to do so if you want.

Step 5

You will be prompted to install the firmware onto your hardware wallet. Follow the prompts to do this.

Step 6

This tutorial assumes you’re setting up a new wallet to store your coins. Please select the ‘Create wallet’ button.

Step 7

So that you don’t lose your coins if your wallet is destroyed or stolen, we’ll now set up your wallet backup.

With your backup, you simply purchase a new Trezor and you use your backup details to restore your wallet. If you lose your backup details and lose your wallet, you lose your coins/tokens.

Step 8

We (and Trezor) can’t stress how important this step is to do right. If you don’t you are increasing the risks of losing your coins. Please do what Trezor says and don’t do what they say to avoid.

Step 9

Write down your recovery seed details. These are the 24 words that are displayed on your Trezor Hardware wallet. These words should never be on your computer. A piece of cardboard for writing down your recovery seed is provided with your Trezor.

It is very important to store your recovery seed in a safe place. This article goes through pros and cons for different methods to store your backup details.

Step 10

Once you’ve create your backup, please continue to setup your pin number.

Step 11

Choose a strong pin number. We recommend the maximum 9 numbers. Enter your pin number on the 3 x 3 grid as shown in the below picture.

Look on your Trezor hardware wallet screen to see the location that numbers are on the 3 x 3 grid and then enter them on the 3 x 3 grid in your Web browser. Please note the location of the numbers will change each session you enter your pin number and they will update on the screen on your hardware wallet.

Step 12

The final step in setting up your new Trezor hardware wallet is giving your wallet a name. This name is for your benefit only and isn’t part of the security measures.

Step 13

Once you’ve set the name for your hardware wallet, simply click continue to access your wallet for the first time.

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