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Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet


Adding HOT (Holo) to a Trezor Hardware Wallet

Purchasing A Trezor Hardware Wallet

Purchase your hardware wallet directly from the Trezor Website @

There are scams where people make a copy of the Website and hardware wallet and steal any coins you put in it. The best way to avoid these scams by purchasing directly from the Trezor Website @

To double-check if you are purchasing from the correct Website, then make sure that the URL is and the little padlock is next to it as well. If you’re not sure what this means, there is a picture below with the red circle around both the lock and the URL so you can be certain.

Please help to support Paradigm O by purchasing your hardware wallet using our Trezor affiliate link

You may purchase either the cheaper Trezor One or the more expensive Trezor Model T. Either wallet will store HOT (Holo).

Our step by step guide uses the Trezor One.

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